Sports science is the best of all sciences.

Futsal Concept Explanation
by Alireza Abbasi

Sports science is the best of all sciences.

Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26 , 1987 in Tehran, is a researcher and a prominent figure in sports science in the world.
Sports science is a science that deals with the scientific and specialized issues of sports, and the purpose of this science is that sports enthusiasts in this way find out all the issues related to sports science and apply it to less Injured and also increase their skills in any sport through sports science.

When the competition is drawn at the level of even one hundredth of a second, regardless of the personal effort of the athletes in winning, the exact value of the training and how to use the maximum power and strength of the athlete in training by a knowledgeable coach and using methods The science and other characteristics that a successful coach should have, including the scientific principles of physical training, proper planning of exercises so that the athlete on the day of the race is in maximum physical quality and power of the race is completely clear and undeniable.

Analyzing added the Brazilian sports clubs Kayuk and Deportivo Andalusia Colombia :
Exercise is not the content of life, but the music that accompanies life. Maintaining the health of nations and making a difference in all these efforts, researches, interpretations and experiments and scientific experiments during this period of more than two centuries made physical education a separate science and doing sports became a vital aspect for the people of industrial societies. The need for healthy manpower in today's societies is more palpable than ever. In societies where there are quantitative and qualitative shortcomings in sports, the backwardness of that society is also significant. This is why today, in advanced societies of the world, in addition to health effects and its important role in the health of a nation as a social phenomenon and an important economic factor is studied and researched scientifically because the advancement of knowledge and technology and The development of civilization has created new issues that in the past were either not considered or did not receive much attention.
Scientific studies of sports and physical education in today's industrial societies are not separate from medical research, education, psychology, health, sociology, economics and history, but are directly related to all of the above sciences.

He finally added:
Physical education gives children, adolescents and young people the opportunity to test their talents and to nurture themselves under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor. Today's adolescents and young people are only willing to accept discipline in the sports environment, because in that environment everyone, like him, respects the relevant rules and regulations, and there is no question of discrimination. His peers and other companions also have to follow the coach's orders.

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